Sustainable operations

At Austevoll Seafood ASA, sustainability is the governing principle for how our business is operated.

Sustainable management is key to the very survival of the seafood industry, including both pelagic fishing and for salmon farming. 


We understand that incorporating sustainability management throughout our operations, guided by our sustainability pillars the environment, social responsibility and business profitability; we create value for both shareholders and communities. By practicing sustainability management today, we can safeguard our industry for tomorrow. 


Within the pelagic sector, we support and engage in environmental standards for sustainable and well regulated fisheries based on sustainable resources. We harvest pelagic resources with licenced quotas in three of the most important fishery countries in the world, Chile, Norway and Peru, and are committed to harvesting the precious pelagic resources without compromising on sustainability.


We are focused on maximising our resource utilisation to their utmost. In production, we are focused on reducing waste to an absolute minimum, and also constantly reducing emissions, both from our fleet and our production facilities. 


Within the salmon sector, we strive to take a leading role in reducing the impact of salmon farming on the environment. Our sustainable operations are part of our continuous improvement activities, utilising technological advancement and research. 


Special attention is given to important key parameters within salmon farming, including the prevention of accidental fish release, measures to reduce salmon lice, and fish health and fish welfare.

Business activities