Industrial holdings

Our combination of complimentary subsidiaries makes Austevoll Seafood ASA one of the world’s leading seafood companies operating in both the pelagic and salmon industries.

Lerøy Seafood Group ASA

Lerøy Seafood Group ASA (LSG) is the leading exporter of seafood from Norway. LSG’s vision is to be the leading and most profitable global supplier of quality seafood. 

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Austral Group S.A.A

Located in Peru, the Austral Group S.A.A. (Austral) produces top quality fishmeal, fish oil, canned fish and frozen fish. The group have own fishing vessels and 4 processing sites in Peru located in Coischo, Chancay, Pisco and Ilo.

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Foodcorp Chile S.A

Foodcorp Chile S.A (FC) produces fishmeal, fish oil, canned fish and frozen fish, and has a modern fleet of purse seiner vessels.

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Br Birkeland AS

Br Birkeland AS (BRBI) operates in two segments with salmon and trout farming licenses and operates modern fishing vessels in Norway. In addition, the company owns a snow crab vessel.

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Pelagia Holding AS

Pelagia Holding AS (Pelagia) is the leading exporter of pelagic fish products in the North Atlantic. The company’s vision is to be the leading global supplier of pelagic fish products. Pelagia has a total of processing facilities in Norway, UK, Ireland and Denmark.

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